FUV Series: UV/VIS Photometric Accuracy Calibration Standards (200-700nm) (Optical Densities: 0.04 - 4.0au)

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FUV05 (No Reflection).jpg

FUV Series: UV/VIS Photometric Accuracy Calibration Standards (200-700nm) (Optical Densities: 0.04 - 4.0au)

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Firefly's FUV neutral density solid-state filter series tests photometric accuracy in the UV and VIS range from 200-700nm. Our solid-state nano-deposition technology produces unparalleled stability and means that you will never need to recalibrate this filter.

Absorbance (Transmission) Value:
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FUV-0.5 Sample Certificate of Calibration

A step-by-step walkthrough on how to use our FUV Series calibration standard for photometric accuracy.


  • Save thousands of dollars on recalibration fees and replacement filters.

  • Save time by having standards in your lab where they are needed.

  • Save on having to handle fragile and toxic liquid calibration standards.

  • Give yourself peace-of-mind knowing that all our standards are 100% NIST Traceable.

  • High durability with scratch-resistant coating that protects optical surfaces.

  • Can be used in any spectrophotometer in your lab (with standard 12.5 x 12.5 x 45mm holder).

  • Huge transmission range from 200 - 700nm.

  • Immediate delivery and free UPS Ground shipping (Coupon code: fuvshipping)


  • Photometric accuracy in the UV and VIS range

  • Stray light performance in the UV and VIS range (with matching HF Series filter)

  • These standards will work on any spectrophotometer.

Product specs:

  • Optical densities: 0.04au, 0.2au, 0.3au, 0.5au, 0.7au, 1.0au, 1.5au, 2.0au, 2.5au, 3.0au

  • Expanded uncertainties: FUV-0.04 (+/- 0.0019au), FUV-0.2 (+/- 0.0022au), FUV-0.3 (+/- 0.0020au), FUV-0.5 (+/- 0.0039au), FUV-0.7 (+/- 0.0039au), FUV-1.0 (+/- 0.0042au), FUV-1.5 (+/- 0.0054au), FUV-2.0 (+/- 0.0055au), FUV-2.5 (+/- 0.0090au), FUV-3.0 (+/- 0.0181au), FUV -4.0 (+/- 0.0110au).

  • Wavelength range: 200-700nm. Standard peaks included on certificate of calibration are 250, 280, 340, 360, 400, 465, 500, 546.1, 590 and 635nm. FireflySci can provide alternate peaks in the 200-700nm range upon request.

  • External Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm

All of our calibration standards are proudly made in North America

The pricing above is for FUV filters that require a corresponding HF filter for stray light calibrations. For FUV filters that can do both photometric accuracy and stray light, please see the following link: FUV Dual Series.

FUV-0.5 Absorbance Scan (200-700nm)

The FUV-Series filter maintains remarkable stability throughout the UV/VIS range

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