FireflySci Show Honest Differences on Liquid & Solid Spectrophotometer Calibration Standards

Hi Everyone!!

We're super happy to be finally done with this video.  But before I post the video, I first want to explain what our goal is for all our customers who trust us with their business.

So let's jump in.

What being a FireflySci customer means to me, is that you can expect 100% honesty and transparency in everything we do.  You never have to think about if you are getting a great deal or if there are any hidden fees.  We won't hit you with bogus "restocking" fees if you need to make a return.  And we'll make sure you get service with a happy, friendly person each time you call us =).

Hidden fees and nonsense make me angry when I have to deal with them, so I never want our customers to have to deal with this annoyance.  I want you to have the best experience with us as possible.  If that means giving you information to make an educated decision and you go somewhere else, then I'm happy with that.  As long as we are able to provide you with what you needed and you leave with a happy, positive feeling, we have done our job.

Ok, now with that off my chest, I've prepared a video showing the honest differences between liquid and solid spectrophotometer calibration standards.  I open up this post to let anyone come and ask the questions that they want answered honestly about NIST calibration standards or spectrophotometer calibration procedures.  

With all the above said and done, here is the video!

Here's to your amazing success!

Simcha Woitovich

FireflySci Inc.