You can get your spectrophotometer calibration standards recalibrated at half the price you’ve paid in the past.

Another day in the spectroscopy lab.  Taking out the cuvettes and getting ready to run some world changing experiments.  But first we have to calibrate the spectrophotometer.  Then you start to freak out, the certificate of calibration for the spectrophotometer calibration standards has expired!  No concerns though, you’ll simply go to the vendor and have them re-calibrate the kit.  Freak out number two occurs when you hear the $800 recalibration fee for one standard.

The biggest shock is yet to come when they tell you it will take 4+ weeks to get your spectrophotometer calibration standards back.  Bottom line is you have nothing to certify your instrument with for weeks.

Now you could go the route above or you can get in on a secret that only a few people know about.  The secret is to send you spectrophotometer calibration standards to a company that has blazingly short re-calibration lead times and stunning prices. 

Would you like your calibration standard back in half the time?  How about cutting the cost in half?

I know you are eager to know how to get this level of service and what you can do right now to get started. 

FireflySci offers a lighting fast way to keep your spectrophotometer calibration standards where you need them, in your lab.  Simply send us an e-mail with your original Certificate of Calibration and we’ll provide you with a fast quotation within 1-2 business days. 

Our standard lead-time shatters the other companies as we offer a 2-3 week lead time.  If you need spectrophotometer calibration standards faster than that, check out our lending program below.

Standard 2019 Recalibration Prices

FUV-Series 10 point NIST recalibration- $465

FUV-Series full 200-700nm recalibration- $599

WAV-1 Recalibration- $355

WAV-7 Recalibration- $365

WAV-8 Recalibration- $615

HF-Series 5 point NIST recalibration- $265

HF-Series full 400-700nm recalibration- $365

FUV-Dual Series 10 point NIST recalibration- $599

FUV-Dual full 200-700nm recalibration- $799

Liquid Potassium Dichromate recalibration- $399

Potassium Dichromate 5 concentration kit recalibration- $1,115

Potassium Dichromate 6 concentration kit recalibration- $1,265

Liquid Holmium Oxide Recalibration- $265

Liquid Stray Light UV Filter Recalibration- $399

VIS Photometric & UV/VIS Wavelength Validation Plate Recalibration- $1,240

UV/VIS Photometric & UV/VIS Wavelength Validation Plate Recalibration- $1,515