FireflySci UV Calibration Using FUV-1D Spectrophotometer Calibration Filter

Yes this has nothing to do with calibration standards, but it's funny =).

Yes this has nothing to do with calibration standards, but it's funny =).

Hi everyone.  A few months ago we released our FUV-D series spectrophotometer calibration standards.  These filters were designed to help users need fewer calibration filters in their labs.  We all know how it can be quite costly to maintain calibration standards so with this in mind let's take a look at this UV calibration filter.

So first off, like its brother, FUV, the FUV-D filters can test for photometric accuracy for any wavelength from 200 all the way up to 700 nm.  So this covers both the UV and VIS range with just this single filter. 

What makes the FUV-D different from our standard FUV UV calibration filter is that the FUV-D can test for stray light as well.  So by utilizing this one filter, you can test for both photometric accuracy and stray light from 200-700 nm.  I know this sounds crazy and that is why we made the video below to demonstrate how the FUV-D filter works.  In the video we go over how to test for both photometric accuracy and stray light and you'll be amazed at how easy the FUV-D filters are to use.

FireflySci UV Calibration How to Determine Stray Light Video

NIST Traceable

The FUV-D spectrophotometer calibration filters are all traceable to NIST so you have the assurance that you are getting only the best filters for your lab.

UV Calibration Lifetime Warranty

Like all of our other solid state calibration filters, all the FUV-D filters come with a Lifetime Warranty.  That means that if through some freak of nature, the filter falls out of specs, we'll replace the filter free of charge for life.  This does not cover if a filter is mishandled, broken, stained, cracked, etc. 

There is a limited supply of the FUV-D filters since we are giving them away at a special price now.  So if you want to get your hands on one of these elite filters you can add one to your cart from the link below.

UV Calibration

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