Calibration of UV Spectrophotometer

Cary 4000

Cary 4000

Learn how to quickly perform the calibration of a UV spectrophotometer using FireflySci’s calibration standards.

There are a few calibration manufacturers who are not always 100% upfront about their standards.  Some metal-on-quartz filters have a reflectance issue that causes them to give incorrect readings in certain spectrophotometers.  Only extremely high-end spectrophotometers are able to use these filters such as:

Astonishingly, this problem has existed for years but nothing has been done to fix it.  We don’t know why certain companies have not addressed this.  Perhaps is it because of technological limitations.  Perhaps it is because they are so well entrenched in the market that they really just don’t care if people are unable to use their spectrophotometer calibration standards.  Whatever the reason, we feel this is not right.

Imagine unpacking your $1,200 calibration standard and getting ready to perform that first calibration of the UV spectrophotometer.  Now imagine that the standard doesn’t work and the manufacturer won’t give you a refund. That’s some serious BS!

Is the Calibration of a UV Spectrophotometer Possible Without Metal-On-Quartz Filters?

There is a powerful calibration standard that can be used in virtually any spectrophotometer on the market.  This standard can be used in the lowest quality spectrophotometers, all the way up to the big guys like Perkin Elmer, Beckman, Agilent, etc.  We think that no experiment is too small and that everyone deserves to have the best tools, no questions asked.

The amazing answer to the question above, “is the calibration of a UV spectrophotometer possible without metal-on-quartz filters?,” is “yes there is!”  You should look at FireflySci’s FUV-0.5 UV-VIS photometric accuracy filter right now. 

For starters, when you get the FUV-0.5 filter in your lab, you know it will work in your machine.  We have solved the annoying and cumbersome reflection issue that has plagued metal-on-quartz filters for decades.  Now any lab can use our FUV filters for any machine.  So you can throw out that other metal-on-quartz filter and get something you can actually use.

In the past, you had to get multiple spectrophotometer calibration filters to calibrate the full UV and VIS spectrum.  Do you want to perform calibration of a UV spectrophotometer in both the UV and VIS range with one filter?  Of course you do! That’s why we designed the FUV filters to support a supercharged transmission range of 200 to 700 nm. 

The FUV-0.5 has a working range from 200 nm up to 700 nm so you can use it for both UV and VIS photometric calibrations. 

The FUV filters are super easy to use.  You can perform the calibration of a UV spectrophotometer in less than 3 minutes.  Here is a short video on how to use the FUV-0.5 filter.


If you’re thinking about what spectrophotometer calibration standard to get then click this link to see the rock bottom price of one of our FUV filters.  Hey, if you act now you may be able to get a chance to try a FUV filter in your lab for free.  We have a limited amount of spots for this offer so contact us right away to find out.

Here’s to your success!

The FireflySci Team