Advantages at a Glance

  1. Our senior scientists have over 35 years of experience in metrology and quality control.

  2. Unsurpassed calibration quality.

  3. Unique products and functionality that no other company offers:

    • Combined wavelength/photometric accuracy reference standard (WAV-7 UV/VIS)

    • Combined photometric/stray light reference standards (FUV Dual Series)

    • Solid-state NIR wavelength reference standard (WAV-8 NIR)

    • Continuous photometric accuracy verification in the range of 200-3000nm (SPB Series)

    • Metal-on-quartz equivalents work on ANY machine regardless of optics (FUV Series, FUV Dual Series, FNIR-Series, SPB-Series)

    • Universal test plate for microplate readers that will work on any company's machines.

Why Validate and Calibrate with FireflySci?

As the world's foremost spectrophotometer reference standard manufacturer, we have a dedicated staff and years of experience to back up our products. Our solid state UV/VIS/NIR reference standards are the most stable on the market and remain in spec long after many other manufacturer's standards go bad. Relying on our proprietary nano-deposition technology, you can rest assured that our solid-state standards will produce steady readings for years to come on your machines. 

Other companies keep you bogged down with costly and recurrent recalibrations, which drain time and resources, putting a large drain on your QC department. 

The Highest Quality, Most Cost-Effective and Speedy Recalibrations

If you need a recalibration on one of our filters all you need to do is fill out our form, which you can find on our recalibration section. Our average turnaround time is about 2-3 weeks. We will beat anyone's prices and you can proceed knowing that your filters are now backed up by our world class ISO-17025 calibration lab.


Tutorial Videos on How to Use Our Calibration Standards

How to calibrate for photometric accuracy using a potassium dichromate kit.

How to Calibrate for Wavelength Accuracy using a WAV-1 UV/VIS Holmium Oxide Filter

How to Clean our Calibration Standards

How to Calibrate for UV/VIS Photometric Accuracy Using an FUV-Series NDL Filter.

Test for both Photometric and Wavelength Accuracy with a Wav-7 UV/VIS