Incredible Secret NIST Doesn't Want You to Know

Everybody knows that when you want the best spectrophotometer calibration standards that NIST is the end all be all. The gold standard.  Yes, NIST is the number one spectrophotometer calibration authority in the United States but where do they come up with their astronomical prices? 

Every lab manager has a tight budget that limits and constricts purchasing activities and you want to get the best quality results without having to paying an arm and a leg for it.  On the market today there are many spectrophotometer calibration standards that are way overpriced.  Researchers can either choose from astronomically priced calibration standards or underpriced standards that are made in China, which are useless to most labs.

Since everyone wants NIST calibration standards it would make sense to buy them directly from NIST.  The problem is that NIST now rarely makes spectrophotometer calibration standards and if they did want to sell a calibration kit, the price is very high. In comparison, our equivalent to the NIST 2031 is less than half the price and ships immediately as opposed to their four week lead time.

Affordable NIST Spectrophotometer Calibration

Is it possible that there is a company that not only has NIST quality but in many cases exceeds it all while having a price that everyone can afford?  That’s where FireflySci comes in.  We offer people 100% NIST Traceable and NIST compatible spectrophotometer calibration standards but at a fraction of the price. 

What makes FireflySci’s calibration standards different is that we use a patented nano-depositioned layering on all our solid-state calibration filters.  This special coating locks in the properties of the neutral density glass.  What this means for you is that you never have to recalibrate a FireflySci solid-state calibration standard.

Guaranteed to Work in your Machine

Another big benefit is that FireflySci’s spectrophotometer calibration standards work in any spectrophotometer on the market.  Many customers have bought standard reference materials from other companies only to find out they don’t work in their machines. Manufacturers typically respond by saying the instrument is the problem and not the standard and refusing a refund.  The truth is that certain machines have a reflectance issue and they are not able to use a metal-on-quartz filters.  Those customers can rest assured that any filter they buy from FireflySci will work in their spectrophotometer.

How to Choose & Buy a Spectrophotometer Calibration Standard

Before logging on our website, you should consult the user’s manual of your spectrophotometer to see what standards the manufacturer recommends.  If you are still having a hard time finding out which calibration standard is right for you, please give us a call or send us an e-mail.  We have a team of highly knowledgeable professionals that can help patiently guide you to the correct calibration standard for your machine.

Lifetime Warranty and Return Policy

Didn’t like our standards?  We offer an easy return policy with no red tape.  Simply send us an e-mail with the reason for return and we’ll send you instructions on how to ship the calibration standard back to us.

For another layer of assurance FireflySci offers a Lifetime Warranty on all our solid-state calibration standards. 

Now the best thing for you to do is to go have a look at our spectrophotometer calibration standards, see our amazing prices, and add them to your cart.

Please contact us with any questions.

Here’s to your success!

FireflySci Team