FUV Dual Series: UV/VIS Photometric Accuracy & Stray Light Calibration Standards (200-700nm) (Optical Densities: 0.2 - 4.0au)


FUV Dual Series: UV/VIS Photometric Accuracy & Stray Light Calibration Standards (200-700nm) (Optical Densities: 0.2 - 4.0au)


Firefly's FUV Dual Series filters allow you to verify photometric accuracy and stray light in the range of 200-700nm. 

Absorbance (Transmission) Values:
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  • Photometric accuracy in the UV and VIS range

  • Stray light performance in the UV and VIS range

Product specs:

  • Optical densities: 0.2au, 0.3au, 0.5au, 0.7au, 1.0au, 1.5au, 2.0au, 2.5au, 3.0au

  • Expanded uncertainties: FUV-0.2D (+/- 0.0022au), FUV-0.3D (+/- 0.0020au), FUV-0.5D (+/- 0.0022au), FUV-0.7D (+/- 0.0023au), FUV-1.0D (+/- 0.0042au), FUV-1.5D (+/- 0.0054au), FUV-2.0D (+/- 0.0055au), FUV-2.5D (+/- 0.0090au), FUV-3.0D (+/- 0.0181au), FUV-4.0D (+/- 0.0110au).

  • Note: The FUV-0.2D and below are highly sensitive and only for use with customers with the following high-end machines: Cary-5000, Cary-7000, Lambda 900, Lambda 950, Lambda 1050 or Shimadzu UV-3600.

  • Wavelength range: 200-700nm. Standard peaks included on certificate of calibration are 250, 280, 340, 360, 400, 465, 500, 546.1, 590 and 635nm. FireflySci can provide alternate peaks in the 200-700nm range upon request.

  • External Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm

Benefits of using the FUV Photometric/Stray Light Accuracy Filters:

  • Highly accurate and consistent spectrophotometer calibration every time

  • Never has to be replaced

  • Never has to be recalibrated if used properly

  • Scratch-resistant coating protects optical surfaces

  • Can be used in any spectrophotometer (with standard 12.5 x 12.5 x 45mm holder)

  • Surpasses NIST-2031 requirements and tolerances

  • Full NIST traceability and compliance

Included with FUV filters:

  • Instruction manual

  • Certificate of calibration with NIST traceability

  • Photometric data tables are available for qualified customers. Please contact us for more information.

All of our calibration standards are proudly made in North America.

FireflySci's own Simcha Woitovich shows how to use a FUV-Dual Series filter for verifying photometric accuracy and stray light.

Sample FUV-1.5D Certificate of Calibration

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