WAV-7 UV/VIS Wavelength & UV Photometric Accuracy Standard (270-340nm)

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WAV-7 UV/VIS Wavelength & UV Photometric Accuracy Standard (270-340nm)


WAV-7 Didymium glass combined wavelength accuracy (329-875nm) and photometric accuracy (270-340nm) filter.

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  • Wavelength accuracy in the UV and VIS range (329-875nm)

  • Photometric accuracy in the UV range (270-340nm)

Product specs:

  • Wavelength tolerance: +/- 0.2nm

  • Wavelength peaks: 329, 472, 512, 681, 875nm

  • Photometric tolerance: +/- 0.0024au

  • Photometric accuracy verification points: 270, 280, 300, 320, 340nm

Benefits of using the WAV-7 UV/VIS:

  • Highly accurate and consistent spectrophotometer calibration every time

  • Never have to be replaced

  • Patented nano-deposition manufacturing process means that filters never have to be recalibrated if used properly

  • Scratch-resistant coating protects optical surfaces

  • Can be used in any spectrophotometer (with standard 12.5 x 12.5 x 45mm holder)

  • NIST-compliant

  • For each WAV-7 UV/VIS we provide a wavelength & photometric trace-file with 0.1nm steps.

Included with WAV-7 UV/VIS:

  • Instructions are included with every WAV-7 UV/VIS filter.

  • Certificate of calibration with NIST traceability.

  • Photometric and wavelength data tables are included.

All of our calibration standards are proudly made in North America.

Sample WAV-7 UV/VIS Certificate of Calibration

FireflySci's very own Simcha Woitovich shows you how to validate a UV/VIS Spectrophotometer with a WAV-7 UV/VIS Didymium Glass Calibration Standard.

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