5 Benefits of A Didymium filter Made from Didymium Glass

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Simcha Woitovich here from FireflySci.  Today we’re going to talk about the top 5 benefits of using a didymium filter.  A Didymium glass filter is a very powerful filter and we want to show what makes it so special.

Didymium Filter Benefit 1 – Dual Purpose

Our WAV-7 filter is a dual purpose filter.  What this means is that is can be used to check for two different spectrophotometer calibration tests.  It’s main function is a wavelength calibration filter.  The working range for the WAV-7 wavelength accuracy range is from 329-875 nm.

The next type of test it can perform is photometric accuracy in the UV.  It can used to check the photometric accuracy at the following wavelengths:

  • 270
  • 280
  • 300
  • 320
  • 340

Didymium Glass Benefit 2 – No Dangerous Chemicals to Deal With

The WAV-7 filter is made from a solid piece of didymium glass.  This plate of glass is mounted in a black aluminum housing.  What this means for you is that there are no dangerous chemicals hanging around in your lab.  Liquid didymium filters can be easily broken and no one wants the headache of cleaning up these chemicals.  Also didymium glass does not require a material safety data sheet, yay!

Benefit 3 – No Wasting Money on Recalibration

Nothing drives me more crazy than people wasting good money on re-calibration fees.  Liquid didymium will degrade over time and it can be quite expensive for the yearly recalibration fees.  Eventually the liquid breaks down until you need to buy another brand new filter.

With a solid didymium filter you never have to worry about this.  We coat the glass plate with a protective coating that keeps the original properties of the glass intact, forever.  This means you’ll have the pleasure of using the same WAV-7 filter year after year without recalibration fees. 

Note:  Just because we have the protective coating on the glass doesn’t mean you can be careless with this filter.  Calibration filters must be handled properly and mishandling the filter can throw it out of spec.

Benefit 4 – NIST Traceable Peace of Mind

Now everyone who owns a spectrophotometer knows that if you are in the United States, your standards better be NIST traceable or else what are they worth.

The great news is that we use the same exact methodologies as NIST, so not only is our didymium filter NIST traceable, it is on the level of buying the standard directly from NIST. 

Benefit 5 – Lifetime Warranty – Replacements for Life!

We all know that mistakes happen from time to time, we’re all human after all.  If a WAV-7 filter does fall out of spec, we will replace the filter free of charge.  This doesn’t mean that people can be a doofus with our standards and go play tennis with them or something like that.

Don't overhead smash that standard!

Don't overhead smash that standard!

Still not convinced this filter is awesome?  Here is what our customer had to say about the WAV-7 didymium glass filter:

“We are a calibration lab and purchased the WAV-7 standard to recalibrate our customers' spectrophotometers. The WAV-7 is great to certify wavelength accuracy with traceability. With the provided data table, the test can be made across a wide spectral range, testing the full performance of the instrument.

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