Superband UV/VIS/NIR Photometric Accuracy & Linearity Kit (10%T, 30%T, 90%T) (200-3000nm)


Superband UV/VIS/NIR Photometric Accuracy & Linearity Kit (10%T, 30%T, 90%T) (200-3000nm)


Kit of three filters and a blank for validating photometric accuracy and linearity in the range of 200-3000nm

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This kits includes the following filters.  

Note: Performance of calibration standards of this kit entirely complies with performance requirements of SRM NIST 2031a kit, while absorbance/transmittance values of reference standards of this kit are identical to some reference standards of NIST 2031a.


    • Photometric accuracy in the UV and VIS range (200-3000nm)

    Product Specs:

    • Optical densities: 0.04au (90%), 0.5au (30%), 1.0au (10%)
    • Wavelength Range:  200-3000nm. Certified wavelength points include 250, 280, 340, 546.1, 590, 635, 1100, 1700, 2700 and 3000nm. Firefly can provide alternative points in the 200-3000nm range upon request or full scan data for informational purposes. 
    • Tolerances: +/-0.0022 au
    • External Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm

    Included with Kit:

    • Instruction manual
    • Certificates of calibration with NIST traceability
    • Photometric data tables are available for qualified customers. Please contact us for more information.