Custom NIST Spectrophotometer Calibration Standards

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to drop a quick note about our calibration standards and let you know what we've been working on.

Since we've been manufacturing spectrophotometer calibration standards for over 10 years we've had a number of customer approach us asking about custom standards for their projects.  What is great about this is that over the years we've found out what we can make by pushing our abilities and testing what we can do and what is just not possible at this time.

So here is a short list of some custom calibration projects that we've done to give you an idea of what is possible:

Custom Metal Holder Sizes

We had a customer with a cuvette holder that was smaller than the standard dimensions of 12.5 x 12.5 mm.  He asked us to make a customer housing and filter to fit into his machine so he could use our standards, so we were able to make him custom metal housings.  The beauty about this is that we were able to do this at a low cost, even though this customer order 3 filters, the pricing was close to our list price.

Custom Round Calibration Standards 

A customer came to us with an interesting idea.  They were wondering if we could make our WAV-8 wavelength calibration filter in a round shape without any metal housing.  Our answer, of course we can!  This was actually our first round spectrophotometer calibration filter that we made and interestingly enough people have ordered a few of them since this first one.  A special jig was needed to fit this standard into our calibration grade spectrophotometer but again you never know unless you try.

Custom Wavelengths on Photometric Accuracy Filters

One thing I love about being a manufacturer is that it gives you the most amount of flexibility possible.  What we have done, at the request of our customers, is add additional wavelengths that are outside of NIST guidelines for our solid-state photometric filters.  This allows customers to calibrate the exact wavelength they are working at to make sure it is 100% accurate.  The reason we are able to do this is that the stability of our photometric filters is rock solid.

NIR Liquid Stray-Light Filter

Who on the face of the earth needs an NIR stray light filter?  Well somebody does and the good news is that we have these standards.  With a wavelength range of 700 - 3,000 nm, it will cover all your stray light needs.  

NIST Traceable Quinine Sulfate

We offer the purest NIST SRM 936a Quinine Sulfate solution on the planet.  Our SRM-QS is made in-house, 100% compliant with corresponding NIST methodologies and procedures, while an ISO 17025 certified calibration laboratory is a key component of our entire manufacturing process of all calibration standards.  Our SRM-QS is accepted by all high end spectrofluorimeter manufacturers and if you need a flourescence standard for your machine, this is the one to get. 

We'll update our list as we work on more projects.  

Do you have a custom calibration project that you need help with?  

If yes, please send us an e-mail at or give us a call at 347-441-4277.  We love testing our limits and seeing what is possible.

Here's to your spectrophotometer calibration success!

The FireflySci Team