New Cuvette Starter Kit

Hi Everyone!

Wow it's been a long time since we posted anything here.  But fear not!  For things at "The Fly" have been getting bigger and better over the past couple of weeks, or months in this case.  

While we've been on radio silence we've been researching some amazing new ideas for products for you guys.  We've been looking into new calibration standards, new cuvette ideas, and new cleaning solutions for laboratory glassware.

Yay the Cuvette Starter Kit is here!!

Yay the Cuvette Starter Kit is here!!

Now the cool new product that I would like to highlight is already mentioned in the title, but in case you didn't read it, it's our new, super awesome, massive, nerve-shattering Cuvette Starter Kit.   Ok maybe all those adjectives weren't necessary, but we're pretty excited about this kit!

 If you've never had cuvettes in your lab before this kit has everything you need to get up and running right away.  We included everything in this kit that will make sure you will have all the tools at your disposal to take care of your cuvettes and keep them working flawlessly.

What's Included in the Cuvette Starter Kit?

So here is a quick list of what you get with the kit;

Buying these items individually would easily cost over $300 if you decided to buy the quartz cuvettes and we are almost giving these things away at $240 for the quartz option, $200 for optical glass.  Again we want you to have easy and affordable options available so you can get the most out of your experiments.

Easy Cuvette Maintenance

One of the most critical factors of using a cuvette that we stress to our customers is cuvette cleaning.  Why is this important?  Well because any types of dirt, fingerprints, oils, stains, etc. will distort your measurements.  Don't let your hard work go down the drain.  With the Cuvette Washer that comes with this kit you can clean your cuvettes in literally seconds.  Take a look at the video below to see it in action.

More Cuvette Goodies

Cleaning Swabs

I just wanted to include a few more details about the items that we've handpicked to be part of this kit.  The Cleaning Swabs that we choose are used for our Micro Focus Cell which is a 2 uL capacity cuvette so cleaning such a small cavity may seem to be very difficult.  The benefit of these swabs if that they are great for sucking up small bits of sample that may be stuck in a corner, which is exactly how they work for our Micro Focus Cell.  We just touch the swab to the top of the MFC and it sucks up the sample like a sponge.

The swabs are also gentle enough that even if you apply pressure, they will not scratch or damage your cuvette.

Transfer Pipettes

I may hold the record for spilling the most sample from cuvettes in history.  That being said it's not something that I like to do and of course no one is happy when it happens.  Worry not because this will never happen to you because you're smart enough to get our kit with the 100 pieces of 3mL transfer pipettes.  

These pipettes are really sweet and they make transferring samples so fast and easy.  Plus, they are the perfect volume for the Type 5-10mm cuvettes.

The Cuvette Starter Kits are ready for purchase and you can pick one up here.

Here's to your cuvette success!

Simcha Woitovich