FireflySci Fidget Spinners Now On Sale

Hi all you FireflySci fans,

I just wanted to let everyone know that we now have some sweet fidget spinners for sale on our FireflySci Gear page. 

These guys spin for over 5 minutes and they are a ton of fun to have around.

They are made from a high quality metal and they spin smoothly and quietly so you can play with them in the lab without bugging anyone around you.  

We are selling these for $9 and they come in four different colors: blue, pink, silver and gold.

Do you want to get one for free?  I would love to hook up our awesome FFS fans with a fidget spinner.  Simple drop us a review on our website and e-mail us your name and address and we'll send you one for free.  Our e-mail address is

Here's to your fidget spinning success!

The FireflySci Team