Pog Day at FireflySci!

Hey all your FireflySci fans,

I'm not sure how we got on the topic but somehow we got talking about pogs.  Yeah pogs, you remember, the crappy cardboard discs with the weird artwork on them.  What you still don't remember!?!?!?!  Well here's a picture for a refresher.

cuvette pog

Amazingly Gordon found some of his old pogs and brought them into the office.  Time to take a break and do some pog slamming!

We're proud to be the first cuvette manufacturer in the world to create the ultimate pog cuvette slammer.  Check it out.  

Time to test this thing out....  Check out the video below.

Ok time to get back to work.

Here's to your pog slamming success!

The FireflySci Team