FireflySci Has the Fastest Spectrophotometer Re-Calibration Service

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Hi all you FireflySci Fans!

Today we have a quick write up about our re-calibration services for NIST spectrophotometer calibration standards.  

Everybody who's visits our site already knows, we are home to the only NIST certified spectrophotometer calibration standards in the world that do not need re-calibration due to material aging.  Now an increasingly large amount of companies have been taking advantage of our calibration standards, but some labs do need to send in their standards due to their own regulations.

For companies who need re-calibration I have great news!  

FireflySci has been performing re-calibrations for our own standards as well as every other manufacturers standards.  We've seen standards from companies from all around the world, but why is everyone sending us their standards to re-calibrate rather than going to the original manufacturer?   So we started to ask questions and very soon the answer became crystal clear.

Let's find why.

The simple reason is because FireflySci is the only spectrophotometer calibration manufacturer in North America.  All other manufacturers are located in far off distant lands such as the UK and Germany.  In case you didn't know, that's like 4,000 miles away from New York!  

A big problem with having calibration labs overseas is that the lead time are super loooooong, and yes I had to use that many o's.  How long you might wonder, well how does a lead time of 4-6 weeks sound to you for a simple re-calibration?  

Well sure the lead time may be long but the pricing is the same right?  Wrong!

Anytime you ship something overseas you have the lovely responsibility of paying duties and taxes.  And you can multiply this by 2 because you first have to ship it from the US and then you have to receive it back when it is ready.  Man, that will sure hit you with the doody, oh I mean duty.

All I can say in closing is re-calibrate with Fireflysci and enjoy fast 2 week turn around times with the best pricing hands down.

Here's to your re-calibration success!

The FireflySci Team