Spectrophotometer Calibration Standards Just Got Better

Spectrophotometer Calibration standards

Here at FireflySci we do not like to boast about our spectrophotometer calibration standards, but our latest innovation is worth hearing about.  We have smashed down some impenetrable barriers and we are proud to be the first company in the world to introduce a solid-state NIR wavelength calibration filter.

NIR Wavelength Spectrophotometer Calibration Standards

Up until now users who had high-end Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu, and Agilent machines had no way of fully harnessing the power of these machines IR capabilities.  The reason for this is that the data being recorded could have been inaccurate, because without a reliable set of calibration filters, how do you know your data is 100% correct.

Now it is true that NIR standards have existed for photometric accuracy.  But never in the history of spectrophotometer calibration standards has there been a NIR wavelength standard.  We have called this calibration standard WAV-8 to follow in the footsteps of our popular WAV-7 didymium filter. 

Previously, our WAV-7 filter had the broadest wavelength range which is 329-875 nm.  The WAV-8 picks up the remaining peaks and has a massive scanning range of 700-3,000 nm.  Throughout this range, the WAV-8 NIR filter features 12 wavelength accuracy peaks.

The WAV-8 is a solid-state filter so it is much more robust than a liquid standard.  The optical glass is protected in a black aluminum housing, so it can handle mild damage without breaking.  Of course, you must still handle the filter with care as with any calibration device.

On top of that, we have added our special nano-deposition layering to the WAV-8 filters.  What this means for you is that you never have to re-calibrate a WAV-8 filter because our NDL technology locks in the original optical properties of the glass.  If another company ever does come out with a NIR wavelength accuracy filter, the re-calibration fees will be astronomical due to the broad scan range. 

Get a WAV-8 NIR Filter Now

The WAV-8 spectrophotometer calibration standards are in production and ready to be shipped to your lab right now.  What you should do now is log onto our WAV-8 page, add one to your cart, and be on your way to finally being able to use the full range of your IR spectrophotometer without any worries or doubts.

We know that there are some people who are not comfortable with our ‘no recalibration necessary’ statement.  We completely understand this and that is why the WAV-8 filter carries along with it our unique Lifetime Warranty that you won’t find anywhere else.

Again I’m sorry that this is such a boastful post, but we are so proud of our latest achievement and we want everyone to know the full power of this filter.  It is our duty to the spectrophotometer community to inform them of this innovation with all the details.

Again don’t forget to add one of these spectrophometer filters to your cart and get started with true IR experiments.

Here’s to your success!!

The FireflySci Team