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Fireflysci Type 1 Quartz Cell

Fireflysci Type 1 Quartz Cell

The quartz cell industry has existed for decades.  Many companies have thrown their hats into the ring and only a few have made the cut and are still in business today.  The good news is that the few who have survived must be top of their game, right?

The Good, The Bad, The Outdated

Many quartz cuvette manufacturers have been around since the 1920s, some later, some earlier.  Now these companies have grown a great deal over the years gaining experience and more advanced products.  The problem with most of these companies is that the management has not changed in ages.  What this means is that we have upper management people, working with older techniques and ideas.

Rather than focusing on newer technologies, these older companies have focused on pushing papers, time consuming and unproductive meetings, and some have fallen behind the times.

The Fireflysci Quartz Cell Solution

Finding a balance between good old-fashioned business ethics as well as the latest technology can be a challenge.  At Fireflysci, we are doing just that.  Our number 1 focus is our awesome customers and we go above and beyond for them.  When you call Fireflysci Inc., you know your call will be answered by a live person and not some robot recording.  Our staff gives you polite, patient, and knowledgeable guidance to make sure you get the perfect glass or quartz cell product.

Buy Your Quartz Cells On-Line

Since Fireflysci is mixing some of the old with some of the new, we have designed our website for customers looking for an easy on-line shopping experience.  Customers simply click on the product they need, select the specs, check off the quantity and hit the “Add to Cart” button.  The whole process takes a few minutes and you can rest assured that our trained packaging staff will ship out your order the same day it is received.

Details on Our Immediate Shipping Policy

Ever had that feeling that you needed a quartz cell yesterday?  Well the good news is that you are not alone.  We keep about 95% of the cells on our website in stock and they are ready to ship to you once we receive your order.  If a cell is not in stock, we’ll work with you to give you additional options to suit your needs.

We want to get rid of that 6-8 week lead-time that other cuvette companies give.  We don’t want your order sitting around for weeks and having your experiments indefinitely delayed.

Easy Returns

Did you order something by accident?  We understand.  This happens to everyone and the worst part is that many other cuvette companies charge high restocking fees or do not even accept a return.  There is nothing more frustrating than getting something in your lab that does not work and then being stuck with some expensive parts.

You can shop on with confidence knowing that Fireflysci Inc. accepts returns on all orders.  If customers are not happy with our products, then we feel it is only right to return their money.  We are in the business of helping people optimize their experiments and not just making a quick buck.

Quality with Results

What you should do now is look at our website, buy some of our products, and put us to the test.  You can reach us by one of the following methods below: