Type 46 Semi-Micro Cuvette with Screw Cap (Lightpaths: 10x1-10x5mm)


Type 46 Semi-Micro Cuvette with Screw Cap (Lightpaths: 10x1-10x5mm)


The FireflySci Type 46 Semi-Micro cuvette is a reduced-volume screw cap cell. The open SEPTA screw cap enables researchers to make sterile injections into the cuvette without compromising the experiment.

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Features of Type 46 Semi-Micro Spectrophotometer Cuvette:

  • Fire-fused to ensure that cuvettes are robust and durable.
  • Available in UV Quartz.
  • Contains a 10mm lightpath with various inner widths available ranging from 1 to 5mm. This enables the researcher to choose different volumes.
  • Two windows optically polished.
  • Includes 1 SEPTA screw cap and 1 closed screw cap.
  • Screw cap and silicon/PTFE septa provide the tightest seal available so gases and liquids will not leak out. Suitable for anaerobic work.
  • Features 13-425 screw cap threadings for maximum durability and versatility.
  • Rated to handle up to 5 bar of pressure.
LightpathTopOuter LengthOuter WidthOuter HeightInner LengthInner WidthCapacity
10x1mmScrew Cap12.5mm12.5mm55.0mm10.0mm1.0mm0.350ml
10x2mmScrew Cap12.5mm12.5mm55.0mm10.0mm2.0mm‏0.700ml
10x3mmScrew Cap12.5mm12.5mm55.0mm10.0mm3.0mm1.050ml
10x4mmScrew Cap12.5mm12.5mm55.0mm10.0m4.0mm1.400ml
10x5mmScrew Cap12.5mm12.5mm55.0mm10.0m5.0mm1.750ml