SC3 Mininert Screw Cap Valve

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41FLUV10 with SC3.jpg

SC3 Mininert Screw Cap Valve


Closed 13-425 Mininert screw cap. Enables users to minimize contact with the sample.

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How to use:

Mininert Valves are push-buttom valves that are intended to be leak-proof and minimize exposure to samples. Here's how they are used:

  1. Push green button to open valve
  2. Insert the needle through the septum and take a sample
  3. Withdraw the needle
  4. Push the red button to close the valve


  • Leak-tight closure- your sample will not have any contact with the atmosphere
  • Simple installation- no tools required to use the valves
  • Replaceable Septum- septa can be easily replaced by pushing a new one into the septum location on the underside of the valve.

Which Cuvettes Can These be Used With?

Anything that we sell, which has a screw cap can make use of the SC3 Mininert Screw Cap Valve