How to Determine FireflySci Part Numbers

Hi everyone!

We’ve been getting a few phone calls from customers asking about how to find part numbers on our site. So this article is all about how we determine our part numbers so you’ll never be confused about these numbers again.

The way we breakdown parts is pretty simple. Our cuvettes are broken down by the following three categories which are:

  1. Type number

  2. Material

  3. Lightpath

Let’s take a look at one of our webpages.


The Type number is circled in red so now we have our first piece of the part number puzzle. Next we’ll select the Material drop down and here is what we get:


We use abbreviations for our materials so:

  • UV Quartz = UV

  • Optical Glass = G

  • Pyrex Glass = P

  • IR Quartz = IR

  • Sapphire = S

Lastly, we’ll need the lightpath.


There’s no tricks here, just pick the number you need.

So a complete FireflySci cuvette part number will look like 1UV10. Type is 1, material is UV quartz and the lightpath is 10 mm.

For cuvette accessories, there is no formula for part numbers, we just use the product name for the part number.

Cuvettes with Z-Dimensions

Cuvettes that have a Z-dimension will have a letter at the end. For example, 701MUV10.10A. The A stands for a Z-dimension of 8.5 mm. All Z-Dimensions are listed below:

  • A = 8.5 mm

  • B = 15 mm

  • C = 20 mm

If you have any questions about our cuvettes or cuvette accessories, please send us an e-mail,

Here’s to your success!

The FireflySci Team