Does FireflySci Calibrate Spectrophotometers?


Hi all you FireflySci fans!

We’re back to today to answer a common question that we’ve been getting lately. Many companies have come to us looking for solutions on how to calibrate their spectrophotometers. And we’ve really fortunate that we could help so many people learn how to use calibration standards and also in providing researchers with the tools to do it on their own.

We actually just received a call today from a University stating how they were paying so much for money for an outside company to come in and validate their spectrophotometer. They saw our videos on YouTube and saw how easy it was to do themselves and are now on their way to saving time and money.

Ok, so onto the question at hand, do we calibrate spectrophotometers. The short and long answer is no. We do not calibrate spectrophotometers, but we do have a bunch of resources on our website about how to.

Does FireflySci Service Spectrophotometers?

Here’s another common question. There are a lot of spectrophotometers on the market today, both new and old. We do not have experience working with each and every model, we’re only human. So if your spectrophotometer has failed the calibration test you must contact the manufacturer of your machine. We do not service spectrophotometers. Nobody knows the machine better than the folks who design and build them, so we urge you to contact them with any questions or concerns about your equipment.

Did you Account for Extended Tolerances?

A lot of time when a spectrophotometer fails calibration it is because the extended tolerances are not taken into account. Below is a video showing you how to find the correct tolerance for your spectrophotometer calibration.

If you have any questions about our spectrophotometer calibration standards please send us an e-mail to Any questions about your spectrophotometer must be sent to the manufacturer of the machine.

Here’s to your calibration success!

The FireflySci Team