Advanced Stopper vs. Old Stopper, Which is Better?


Hi everyone!

So we launched our advanced PTFE stoppers back in July and now we're looking to get your expert feedback on how they are performing for you.

In case you missed the initial announcement about these new PTFE stoppers here's a link to the full article:

FireflySci Advanced Stoppers

Basically the benefits of these amazing stoppers are:

  1. Tighter seal than standard PTFE stopper
  2. Reusable, so you can get many uses out of 1 stopper
  3. Less expensive than investing in a screw cap cuvette
  4. Can be used in your existing FireflySci 10 mm stoppered cuvettes

So now we're going to turn this project over to you, our awesome customers.  We want to know how these new stoppers are working out in your lab.

Wait!  You didn't buy any of these new stoppers yet?

No problem!  I have some extra advanced stoppers that we could send your way to try out.  This is completely free of charge, all that I ask is for your honest opinion on if these new stoppers are awesome or garbage.  

To get your free Advanced stoppers today simply send me an e-mail at and please use the title "Advanced Stoppers."  We'll need your shipping address and that's it!  You can be trying out these new stoppers in your lab in a few days.

So take the 2 seconds to send us that e-mail and get your free Advanced Stoppers right now.  Again the e-mail address is

Here's to your success!

The FireflySci Team