Ah, for Pete's Sake!!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it's been awhile since our last post.  It's been on our to-do lists for awhile now and we have some great content coming soon as well as the winners for January and February Cuvette Customer of the Month.  So check back soon for those updates.

weak sauce!

weak sauce!

I just wanted to express my utter disappointment when working with some companies.  In the photo to the right you'll find a bill we received for some plugs and what is that I see, hmmm a MINIMUM ORDER FEE!  Basically what this says to me is "Hey! Take your little order and scram!  Oh you don't want to leave, fine, eat this fee for the inconvenience of me fulfilling your crappy order."

This reminds me of when people don't have enough money in the bank and the bank charges them a fee for not having enough money in the bank.  So not only do they not have enough to fill the minimum balance in their account, the bank is going to take a fee.  Totally not cool man, not cool!!

I guess this is why so many people come to us because we are a no nonsense company and our customers know they will never receive the following:



  • MINIMUM ORDER FEES - Go ahead a place an order for a $1 and watch how we won't charge you anything.  Why?  I guess because I'm crazy and don't care about pinching pennies here and there.
  • RESTOCKING FEES - This is complete BS.  You get charged for them putting the item back on the shelf, hahaha.  
  • JERKY CUSTOMER SERVICE - I'm not even going to start on this one, we all know what I'm referring to already.
  • ENDLESS LEAD TIMES - We ship all in stock orders the same day they are received, no exceptions.
  • AUTOMATED PHONE SYSTEMS - We've all been there.  On hold with that cheesy music playing saying how they appreciate us and our patience every 10 seconds.  
  • MATCHING FEES - Yes there are companies that charge to match cuvettes:::sigh::::

I apologize for the rant, but these things just should never happen in the business world.  

I'm done now, thanks for hearing me out.

Continuing to do awesome things!

The FireflySci Team