Custom Photomultiplier Tube Calibration Filters

photomultiplier tubes

Photomultiplier tubes are very versatile and are used in numerous machines and applications in the cuvette and flow cytometry field.  Photomultiplier tubes (PMT) are great for low light detectors and typically have a range of 160 - 1100 nm.  Since these PMTs are highly sensitive, extra care must be taken when calibrating them.

Currently there are not many methods or products available to calibrate photomultiplier tubes.  NIST has manufactured calibration level detectors, for example PMT, photodiodes, etc.  Since NIST was the only one doing this, it doesn’t give manufacturers many options.  However, for the expanding PMT field a new solution was needed and that is where FireflySci (FFS) is helping NIST in filling in any demand gaps.

Custom Photomultiplier Tube Calibration

FireflySci is happy to announce that they are now making custom calibrations standards for a large number of applications.  These applications include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Photomultiplier Tubes
  • CCD sensors
  • CMOS sensors
  • Solid-state photo-diodes
  • Photo-resistors
  • LEDs

Types of Standards That are Available

FireflySci will be manufacturing custom standards for a number of different calibrations.  Companies will be able to test photonic sensitivity, which will ensure that the detection sensitivity will be dead on.  Also, clients will be able to verify wavelength range and other various parameters that effect optical performance. 

Optical Densities

With so many different types of samples being analyzed, FireflySci plans on having an optical density to fit any application.  In their current spectrophotometer calibration line, FFS offers optical densities for 0.04 AU all way up to 3.0 AU.  For the photomultiplier tube standards, FFS has expanded the optical density range to 0.02 up to 20 AU.  For flow cytometers that use multiple optical filters, users will be able to get any filter they need manufactured to fit their demands.

Custom Mounts

With the assistance of FireflySci’s machine shop, FFS is able to manufacture any type of holder for photomultiplier tube calibration standards.  Whether the mount is round, square, rectangular, or any other shape, clients will have the freedom to design exactly what is needed.

How to Get a Quote

FFS has made getting a quote extremely easy.  Just send your specifications including any dimensions, tolerances, etc. to  The FFS team will get back to you with an awesome quote in 1-3 business days.