Cuvette Washer Complete Kit Now Available

cuvette washer

Finally!  After so many years of carrying our cuvette washer, we now have a complete cuvette washer kit available.  We've had so many people coming to us asking for a cuvette cleaning kit that they could setup and use right away and we're so happy to be stocking this kit.

So what's included in the cuvette washer kit?

Here is what is included in the kit.  We go on to explain these items in more detail below.

  • Single or double cuvette washer
  • Filtering flask
  • #7 stopper
  • Rubber gasket(s)
  • 10 feet of vinyl tubing

FireflySci Single or Double Cuvette Washer

The washer is made out of pyrex glass.  Borosilicate glass has some great chemical resistance so you can use almost any cleaning solution you want. 

Some solutions to avoid using are listed below:

  • Hydrofluoric acid
  • Hot phosphoric acid
  • Hot alkalies

If you use any of the above solutions you will ruin both the cuvette washer and the cuvette.

Filtering Flask

The filtering flask in the kit has a volume of 500 ml.  This flask is also made of borosilicate glass so it has all the same chemical properties as the cuvette washer.  The filtering flask has clear white markings on the side in case you want to use the flask for measurements.

There's nothing too special about the gaskets, #7 stopper and the vinyl tubing so we'll leave the descriptions for those items out.

Here is a video of how to use the cuvette washer.

Vacuum Pumps

The cuvette washer kit does not come with a vacuum pump.  Most labs already have vacuum lines installed, but for labs that do need  a pump, the most economical option we recommend is an Air Cadet 115 VAC.  This can be purchased at this link.

Whoops almost forgot, here is a link to the Cuvette Washer kit so you can get one today.

Here's to your success!

The FireflySci Team