Lions and Tigers and Hellma, Oh My! Spectrophotometer Cuvette Comparision

Einstein admiring our Type 1UV10 Cuvette

Einstein admiring our Type 1UV10 Cuvette

Hi everyone.  I was going through our data and the most popular spectrophotometer cuvette that we sell is our Type 1UV10.  As always, when working with us we like to make everything as transparent as possible so what I did was compile some data of our friends' 1UV10 cuvettes so you can get a honest view at what all of us are offering.

Now of course you could say that this is biased.  BUT the data was taken directly from their websites and catalogs, so you can go and check the information yourself.  If we are wrong let us know.  Anyway, the chart is below for your viewing pleasure.

Part NumberMaterialTransmissionPriceGuarantee
Starna1-Q-10Spectrosil170-2,700 nm$79No
Hellma100-QS-10Suprasil200-2,500 nm$119No
FireflySci1UV10Spectrosil190-2,500 nm$79Yes

Again I'm not going to give any comments on the above, because of course I'm biased towards our products! 

But you can see what you get from the chart above and if you have any questions or comments you can leave them in the comments area below this post or send us an e-mail.

Here's to your success!

The FireflySci Team