Get More Out Of Life And Your Cuvette Washer

How to Extend the Life of Your Cuvettes with a Cuvette Washer

Photo of a semi-micro cuvette being blasted clean by the p65s cuvette washer

Photo of a semi-micro cuvette being blasted clean by the p65s cuvette washer

Do you want to get more out of your life?  Oh wait, I mean do you want to get more life out of your cuvette?  Of course we all want our cuvettes to last as long as possible, but what is the best way to accomplish this?

One might think that cuvettes need special cucumber creams or mud baths, but the answer is actually quite simple.  The key to cuvette longevity is maintenance.  As with almost any physical items, except for rocks, things must be properly maintained.

Now the absolute best way to maintain cuvettes is by using a cuvette washer.  Why is a cuvette washer the best?  Good question. 

Cuvette Washer Instructions

First of all, once a cuvette is finished being used, it should be emptied immediately.  Then all you have to do is flip the cell over, so the opening is facing down and place it over the water jet on the cuvette washer. 

Next, just fill the cuvette washer cup with your favorite cleaning solution.  For most aqueous solutions we like to use distilled water.  Turn on your vacuum pump and let the solution gently massage the walls of your cuvette, providing it with a spa like treatment.

Now just remove the cuvette from the cuvette washer and allow it to dry upside down on a cuvette rack. 

The cuvette washer is so easy to use and the whole process can be summed up with the following:

  • Flip
  • Insert
  • Rinse
  • Remove

Now you can use the old-fashioned way of cleaning cuvettes, which is to soak them.  But the cuvette washer is so much faster.  We also have a double cuvette washer available for washing two cuvettes at a time!

Now the price for the single cell model is only $78, which makes this a no-brainer. If you want to upgrade a move to the double, it is only $88.

Cuvette Washer Special Offer

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Here’s to your success!

The FireflySci Team