Going Above and Beyond For a Cuvette Washer

Hi all you FireflySci fans!

Today we have a special story that we would like to share with everyone.  It's a great story that shows how we work with our customers no matter how big or small.  In this story the names have been changed to protect the innocent =).

So we received an e-mail from George McDoogle.  George had an issue with his cuvette not being compatible with our single cell cuvette washer.  Here is what the e-mail said.

"The cuvette washer arrived today. Unfortunately, I immediately realized that it won’t work with my cuvette, because my cuvette has inlet-outlet tubes on the side with tubing attached to carry water to maintain a constant temperature.

You can see in the picture below that the tubes and tubing won’t allow me to push the cuvette into the glass cup to make contact with the gasket.

I am afraid that there is no alternate cuvette for these studies."

Here is the photo that was attached.

No way that cuvette is going to fit in there..... or is there?

No way that cuvette is going to fit in there..... or is there?

So most companies would throw up their arms and say there is nothing that can be done.  Or why should be bother with going through modifying the cuvette washer for one customer?

Here is where real FireflySci customer service comes into play.  That one customer is treated as if they are our biggest, most precious customer.  Our Firefly brains started to brainstorm what we could do to help George something that would work for this oddly shaped cuvette.

Should we have our glass blower make a special design?  How long would that take?  Can we cut the glass?  So many questions came up, but within 20 minutes we had a plan for a solution.  Here is the e-mail we sent to George.

"Hi George,

We do like to delight people, it brings us much joy in life! 

So I have good news and Awesome news!  So the awesome news is we were able to modify one of our stock P65S cell washer, please see attached!

The good news is I can send this to you right away."

This is the cuvette washer that we sent out the same day. 

modified cuvette washer

We designed, tested, and shipped this replacement washer out in one day.  Because this is what we believe it takes to have amazing customer service.  We want everyone to know that this is the level of service they can expect when working with us.  No favoritism, no only helping the biggest customers, no side lining tough questions, just no non-sense service for everyone who trusts us with their business.

With tremendous gratitude,

The FireflySci Team