VIS Photometric & UV/VIS Wavelength Validation Plate


VIS Photometric & UV/VIS Wavelength Validation Plate


VIS photometric and wavelength validation plate for microplate readers.

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Welcome to the home of Firefly's solid-state UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Calibration Standards. 

This calibration plate includes the following well standards (covering 16 wells in total):


  • Photometric accuracy in the VIS range (certified at 440, 465, 546.1, 590, 635nm).
  • Wavelength accuracy in the UV and VIS range (241.5-637.5nm)

Product Specs:

  • Tolerance for photometric accuracy filters: +/- 0.0022 au
  • Tolerance for wavelength accuracy filters: +/- 0.2nm
  • External dimensions of individual wells: 6.6mm per well
  • Total dimensions for 96 well plate: 85x125x12.5mm

Benefits of Firefly's Solid-State Well Plate Calibration Standards:

  • Highly accurate and consistent spectrophotometer calibration every time.
  • Never has to be replaced.
  • Never has to be recalibrated if handled and stored properly.
  • Scratch-resistant coating protects optical surfaces.
  • Can be used in any spectrophotometer (with standard 12.5 x 12.5 x 45.0 mm holder)
  • Surpasses NIST requirements and tolerances.
  • NIST-traceable and ISO compliant.