UV/VIS Fluorescence Validation Plate


UV/VIS Fluorescence Validation Plate


UV/VIS fluorescence validation plate for microplate readers.

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Welcome to the home of Firefly's solid-state UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Calibration Standards. 


  • Validation of wavelength accuracy of fluorescence spectrophotometers in the UV/VIS range (290-562nm) and in the emission range of 330-573nm.

Product Specs:

  • Contains robust enclosure made from black-plated aluminium alloy to ensure repeatability of measurements.
  • External dimensions of individual wells: 6.6mm per well
  • Total dimensions for 96 well plate: 85x125x12.5mm
  • Contains a mix of Anthracene, Compound 610, Napthalene, Ovalene, Terphenyl, Tetraphenylbutadiene, and Rhodamine fluorescent material embedded in PMMA.
  • NIST Traceability, ensuring the highest reliability in validation of measurements.
  • Certified wavelength tolerance/uncertainty of +/- 1nm on the certificate. This value must be added to the wavelength accuracy of your fluorescence reader, which can be found on the spec sheet in the user manual. This expanded uncertainty must be added to the corrected wavelength of your excitation readings and compared to the values on the certificate. This will determine whether the machine is in spec.

Contents of FLVP Plate:

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  1. Wells E1-H1- Mix of Napthalene (approximate molar concentration 6X10-5, excitation wavelength 290 nm, emission wavelength 330 nm); corrected excitation 280 nm and emission 330 nm (SBW=5nm) and Anthracene (approximate molar concentration 1X10-5, excitation wavelength 360 nm, emission wavelength 402 nm); corrected excitation 360 nm and emission 402 nm (SBW=5nm)
  2. Wells A1-A4- Ovalene (approximate molar concentration 2X10-7, excitation wavelength 342 nm, emission wavelength 482 nm); corrected excitation 342 nm and emission 482 nm (SBW=5nm)
  3. Wells A7-A10- p-Terphenyl (approximate molar concentration 5X10-7, excitation wavelength 295 nm, emission wavelength 338 nm) ; corrected excitation 295 nm and emission 338 nm (SBW=5nm)
  4. Wells A12-D12- Tetraphenylbutadiene (approximate molar concentration 3X10-7, excitation wavelength 348 nm, emission wavelength 422 nm); corrected excitation 348 nm and emission 422 nm(SBW=5nm)
  5. Wells H9-H12- Compound 610 (approximate molar concentration 1X10-6, excitation wavelength 440 nm, emission wavelength 475 nm); corrected excitation 440 nm and emission 480 nm (SBW=5nm)
  6. Wells H3-H6- Rhodamine (approximate molar concentration 2X10-7, excitation wavelength       562 nm, emission wavelength  573 nm); corrected excitation 562 nm and emission 573 nm (SBW=5nm)

FLVP-01 Sample Certificate of Calibration