Type 1 Macro Cuvette with PTFE Cover (Lightpaths: 0.5-100mm)

Type 1 - 1mm lightpath
Type 1 - 1mm lightpath

Type 1 Macro Cuvette with PTFE Cover (Lightpaths: 0.5-100mm)

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A Type 1 standard spectrophotometer cuvette is a must own cuvette for your lab.  The Firefly Type 1 standard 10mm cell is our #1 seller for UV/VIS spectroscopy and comes in many various lightpaths and materials to fit your exact needs.

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What you Get with a Type 1 Macro Spectrophotometer Cuvette:

  • Highly accurate results, only need to test sample once.
  • High quality: Firefly cuvettes are made with the best quartz and glass material available. Excellent transmission values.
  • Made by hand, ensuring high quality optical polishing with no defects.
  • Each cell goes through a vigorous inspection process before leaving our factory.
  • Fire-fused to ensure that cuvettes are robust and durable.
  • Comes in several different materials: (Optical Glass, Pyrex Glass (10mm only), UV Quartz, IR Quartz, Sapphire (10mm only)
  • Lightpaths from 0.5-100mm available
  • Two windows optically polished.
  • Includes PTFE cover.

New Sapphire Version Available

  • FireflySci now provides an optically contact bonded 10mm sapphire cuvette for use in extreme conditions with the most caustic of chemicals and temperatures. With a transmission range of 200-5,000nm, this cuvette allows customers to use their cuvettes deep into the UV and IR range. Quantity discounts are available.
LightpathTopOuter LengthOuter WidthOuter HeightInner LengthInner WidthCapacity
0.5mmPTFE Cover3.0mm12.5mm45.0mm0.5mm10.0mm0.220ml
1mmPTFE Cover3.5mm12.5mm45.0mm1.0mm10.0mm0.400ml
2mmPTFE Cover4.5mm12.5mm45.0mm2.0mm10.0mm0.700ml
5mmPTFE Cover7.5mm12.5mm45.0mm5.0mm10.0mm1.700ml
10mmPTFE Cover12.5mm12.5mm45.0mm10.0mm10.0mm‏3.500ml
20mmPTFE Cover22.5mm12.5mm45.0mm20.0mm10.0mm7.000ml
30mmPTFE Cover32.5mm12.5mm45.0mm30.0mm10.0mm10.500ml
40mmPTFE Cover42.5mm12.5mm45.0mm40.0mm10.0mm14.000ml
50mmPTFE Cover52.5mm12.5mm45.0mm50.0mm10.0mm17.500ml
100mmPTFE Cover102.5mm12.5mm45.0mm100.0m10.0mm35.000ml

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