What do you get when you work with FireflySci?  You get high-quality products manufactured with the precision that you can rely upon.  In our product line you will find a wide range of accessories including UV/VIS calibration standards, a fully complete UV cuvette line for spectrophotometers and fluorometers, plastic disposable cuvettes, micro cells, and cuvette washers.   If you need help finding the perfect cell for your experiment, please feel free to contact us.

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UV/VIS/NIR Calibration Reference Standards

Solid-state nanodeposition reference standards for spectrophotometers.

  • Never have to be replaced or recalibrated.

Calibration Standards 

Nano-Spectrophotometer Conversion Device

Turn your spectrophotometer into a killer drop based machine.

  • One drop of sample - 1.9ul
  • Perfect for high-quality DNA/RNA assays
  • Try one in your lab for free!

Micro Focus Cell›

Microplate Reference Standards

We are currently offering a full range of 96 well plate reference standards including adapters that enable our UV/VIS/NIR calibration standards to be used in a microplate reader.

  • Plates enable validation for absorbance, fluoresence and luminescence

Microplate Standards ›