Type 8830 HPLC Sub-Micro Flow Through Cell (Lightpath: 1mm)


Type 8830 HPLC Sub-Micro Flow Through Cell (Lightpath: 1mm)


FireflySci's solution for sub-micro fluorimetry applications. Great for use in HPLC.

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Features of 8830 HPLC Sub-Micro Flow Through Cell:

  • Designed to facilitate the monitoring of HPLC fractions whilst using a spectrofluorometer.
  • The sample cavity is constructed so that the sample volume is kept to a minimum ( 20 micro liters nominal). 
  • Has a large aperture capable of accepting the full exciting and fluorescent radiation
  • Contains a fluorescence free grade of fused silica, which is of a square cross section
  • Flat sides ensure that any scattering of the incident radiation is kept to a minimum but still allows maximum throughput.
  • Anodized aluminium housing enables the cell to fits in a standard 10mm cuvette holder.
  • Tube dimensions: OD 1.5mm x ID 0.25mm x L 75mm.
  • Has a z-dimension of 20mm.
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