Type 608FL HPLC UV Quartz Flow Cell (Capacities: 11-100µl)

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Type 608FL.jpg

Type 608FL HPLC UV Quartz Flow Cell (Capacities: 11-100µl)

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FireflySci's solution for sub-micro fluorimetry applications. Great for use in HPLC.

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Features of Type 608FL HPLC Flow Through Cell:

  • For use with HPLC  setups
  • Available in UV Quartz.
  • Comes with stainless steel inlet/outlet pipes.
  • Dimensions of tubing: Inlet (OD1.6 x ID0.25 x L100mm); Outlet (OD1.6 x ID0.5 x L100mm) 
  • All cells and tubing tested to 5 bars of pressure (75psi).
  • In metal and black quartz housing
  • Comes in 3 lightpaths- 1, 1.5 and 3mm
  • Available in Z-Dimensions of 8.5 and 15mm
  • Three windows optically polished.
LightpathTopOuter LengthOuter WidthOuter HeightChamber LengthChamber WidthChamber HeightZ-dimensionCapacity
1mmFlow Through12.5mm12.5mm45.0mm1.0mm1.0mm11.0mm8.5mm11µl
1mmFlow Through12.5mm12.5mm45.0mm1.0mm1.0mm11.0mm15mm11µl
1.5mmFlow Through12.5mm12.5mm45.0mm1.5mm1.5mm11.0mm8.5mm25µl
1.5mmFlow Through12.5mm12.5mm45.0mm1.5mm1.5mm11.0mm15mm25µl
3mmFlow Through12.5mm12.5mm45.0mm3.0mm3.0mm11.0mm8.5mm100µl
3mmFlow Through12.5mm12.5mm45.0mm3.0mm3.0mm11.0mm15mm100µl