Type 512 15º Refractometer Flow Cell


Type 512 15º Refractometer Flow Cell


Firefly's prismatic flow through cell with 15º angled chambers.

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Features of FireflySci Type 512 15º Refractometer Flow Cell:

  • Highly accurate results, only need to test sample once.
  • Premium quality: Firefly cuvettes are made with the best quality quartz and glass material available. Excellent transmission values.
  • Made by hand, ensuring high quality optical polishing with no defects.
  • Each cell goes through a rigorous inspection process before leaving our factory.
  • Fire-fused to ensure that cuvettes are robust and durable.
  • Comes in UV Quartz.
  • Contains two equal-volumed chambers angled at 15º
  • All surfaces and inner chamber windows polished.
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