Type 527 Volume and Lightpath-Reducing Quartz Inserts


Type 527 Volume and Lightpath-Reducing Quartz Inserts


2-way UV Quartz insert for reducing lightpath and volume of a standard 10mm cuvette

Adjusted Lightpath:
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  • Spacers are used to reduce volume and light path for standard 10mm lightpath cuvettes such as Type 1 and 1FL.
  • This silica block with a 30mm optical portion is suspended from a flat cover by a fused member which is narrower than the block, to form an overflow chamber when placed in the cuvette
  • Spacers cannot be used in a Type 5 cell.  Also, please note that due to tolerances, the Type 1 or 1FL you plan to use with the spacer ought to be ordered with the spacer to ensure proper fit.

Jump to 6:55 to see the Type 527 Quartz Insert in action!

Adjusted LightpathOuter LengthOuter WidthOuter HeightAdjusted Capacity
0.2 x 0.05mm9.8mm9.95mm46.5mm0.36μl
0.3 x 0.1mm9.7mm9.90mm46.5mm1.08μl
0.5 x 0.2mm9.5mm9.80mm46.5mm3.6μl
0.5 x 1mm9.5mm9.00mm46.5mm18μl
0.5 x 2mm9.5mm8.00mm46.5mm36μl
1 x 0.05mm9.0mm9.95mm46.5mm1.8μl
1 x 2mm9.0mm8.00mm46.5mm72μl
1 x 3mm9.0mm7.00mm46.5mm108μl
1 x 5mm9.0mm5.00mm46.5mm180μl