Photo by AlbertPego/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by AlbertPego/iStock / Getty Images

Our mission is to simplify the experience of finding cuvettes and calibration standards for lab managers by providing them with the most comprehensive, easy-to-browse online shop. Combining over two decades of knowledge, FireflySci has built itself on providing lightning-speed recalibration services and calibration standards from its ISO-17025 accredited laboratory along with a large range of cuvettes produced in its ISO-9001 production facility.

We stock many items but also remain flexible and help provide growing labs with custom-machined quartz cells in low quantities at an affordable rate so that cash-strapped startups aren't restricted by high costs right out of the gate. We also scale up to provide mass-produced OEM flow cells for several major diagnostics companies.

Steeped in the startup culture of Brooklyn, NY, FireflySci draws inspiration from its neighboring comrades in arms such as MakerBot, Etsy and Kickstarter. We believe that with passion, integrity, loyalty, and the right mindset anything is possible.

Simcha Woitovich- President and Founder

Simcha started as a biology major at a local college on Long Island, NY.  After working for many large corporations such as Toys R Us and Fed Ex, Simcha learned what to do and more importantly what not to do when working with people.  From seeing managers flip out on employees, to see customers claiming they fell down in the store and were injured, Simcha has a broad range of business experiences.

When FireflySci was just a thought, the question on the table was "What does the spectroscopy community need?"  What Simcha and Gordon came up with was to form a rock solid customer service platform.   "Can you imagine how nice it would be for someone to know that every time they call us, they received friendly, knowledgeable help?"  This approach has brought FireflySci into the circles of huge companies such as Roche, Abbott Labs, Los Alamos National Labs, and many others.

Simcha has been working in the spectroscopy and flow cytometry field for over 10 years.  Although Simcha originally wanted to work in alternative medicine, he found his home helping labs improve their experiments and optimize their findings.  Simcha's passion is to help others be as productive and successful as possible. 

Simcha's philosophy is, "If you build a positive, professional and helpful business you don't have to do crazy marketing, people will be drawn to you and want to work with you." 

Simcha enjoys reading, playing with his kids, fixing things, wearing a tie everyday (even though he doesn't have to) and being happy 24/7.

Gordon Cinco, Manager and Co-founder

FireflySci's co-founder and acting manager Gordon Cinco helped create the company with the goal of providing cutting edge spectroscopy standards along with genuinely friendly and passionate customer service rather than the cookie-cutter solutions often offered by larger companies. After working for 5 years with a leading spectroscopy company, he along with Simcha Woitovich, struck out to build a new venture that would meet the needs of all companies from smaller startups up to larger biotech firms while never losing touch with its startup roots and gratitude towards its customers. In the past year, FireflySci has expanded to support a large, international customer base and continues to foster its core values of gratitude and positivity.

Gordon graduated from Boston University in 2004 and then spent several years working in and studying human rights near the Hague in the Netherlands earning a MSc in International Development from Leiden University. He eventually found his way back to the US where he spent the next several years heavily immersed in learning about laboratory equipment and entrepreneurship. 

Gordon lives in Northport, NY and is an avid beekeeper, vegetable gardener, a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and a lifelong student who is always eager to learn.