UV/VIS Fluorescence Validation Plate


UV/VIS Fluorescence Validation Plate


UV/VIS fluorescence validation plate for microplate readers.

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Welcome to the home of Firefly's solid-state UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Calibration Standards. 


  • Validation of fluorescence spectrophotometers in the UV/VIS range (290-562nm)

Product Specs:

  • External dimensions of individual wells: 6.6mm per well
  • Total dimensions for 96 well plate: 85x125x12.5mm
  • Contains a mix of Anthracene, Compound 610, Napthalene, Ovalene, Terphenyl, Tetraphenylbutadiene, and Rhodamine fluorescent material embedded in PMMA.
  • NIST Traceability, ensuring the highest reliability in validation of measurements.

Contents of FLVP Plate:

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  1. Wells E1-H1- Mix of Napthalene (approximate molar concentration 6X10-5, excitation wavelength 290 nm, emission wavelength 330 nm); corrected excitation 280 nm and emission 330 nm (SBW=5nm) and Anthracene (approximate molar concentration 1X10-5, excitation wavelength 360 nm, emission wavelength 402 nm); corrected excitation 360 nm and emission 402 nm (SBW=5nm)
  2. Wells A7-A10- p-Terphenyl (approximate molar concentration 5X10-7, excitation wavelength 295 nm, emission wavelength 338 nm) ; corrected excitation 295 nm and emission 338 nm (SBW=5nm)
  3. Wells A1-A4- Ovalene (approximate molar concentration 2X10-7, excitation wavelength 342 nm, emission wavelength 482 nm); corrected excitation 342 nm and emission 482 nm (SBW=5nm)
  4. Wells A12-D12- Tetraphenylbutadiene (approximate molar concentration 3X10-7, excitation wavelength 348 nm, emission wavelength 422 nm); corrected excitation 348 nm and emission 422 nm(SBW=5nm)
  5. Wells H9-H12- Compound 610 (approximate molar concentration 1X10-6, excitation wavelength 440 nm, emission wavelength 475 nm); corrected excitation 440 nm and emission 480 nm (SBW=5nm)
  6. Wells H3-H6- Rhodamine (approximate molar concentration 2X10-7, excitation wavelength       562 nm, emission wavelength  573 nm); corrected excitation 562 nm and emission 573 nm (SBW=5nm)

FLVP-01 Sample Certificate of Calibration