NIR Liquid Stray Light Liquid Calibration Standards (800-2000nm)


NIR Liquid Stray Light Liquid Calibration Standards (800-2000nm)


A variety of NIST-traceable proprietary blends for checking the stray light of a spectrophotometer in the NIR range from 800-2000nm.

Wavelength Cut-off:
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Stray light is defined as light that is detected by the spectrophotometer but does not belong to the given bandwidth of the sample being measured. Often the result of light scattering, diffraction or errors with the instrument, stray light can cause a variety of distortions and errors in analysis.

In order to measure stray light, standards are needed that absorb all light of the wavelength at which the measurement is to be performed and then cut off at a specified wavelength.


The Firefly Stray Light cut off filters can check for stray light at various wavelength cut-offs in the NIR range:

  • 800nm
  • 1000nm
  • 1250nm
  • 1370nm
  • 1550nm
  • 1950nm

Included with UV Stray Light Liquid Calibration Standards:

  • Comes with water blank.
  • Instructions are included with all filters.
  • Certificates of calibration with full NIST traceability are included.

Please allow one week of lead time from the time of order.

All of our standards are proudly made in North America.