Evacuable Dies- Type KB


Evacuable Dies- Type KB

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Dies suitable for producing discs of 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 13, and 16mm diameter as available as standard within the size range for the KB series. Non-standard sizes are available on request.

Disc size:
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KBr Disc Technique: This widely practiced method consists of grinding and mixing a sample with dry KBr or KCl powder, which is then compressed within an evacuated die to produce a transparent disc, since KBr and KCl are transparent from the ultra-violet well into the infrared. The method may be used for investigation in the ultra-violet and the visible as well as the infrared region.

  • All dies in the KB series are constructed entirely of stainless tool steel, and parts are precision machined.
  • Pellets are optically flat and mirror polished.
  • Tungsten carbide pellets and component parts can be supplied to special order.
  • Dies are supplied with black anodised sleeves.

Maximum load limits:

  • 3mm die- 0.5 tons
  • 5mm die- 2 tons
  • 6mm die- 2 tons
  • 8mm die- 5 tons
  • 10mm die- 7 tons
  • 13mm die- 10 tons
  • 16mm die- 15 tons


Please allow one week for delivery.