Quinine Sulfate Fluorescence Reference Standard- NIST 936a (375-675nm)

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Quinine Sulfate Fluorescence Reference Standard- NIST 936a (375-675nm)

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Firefly's mixture of Quinine Sulfate in perchloric acid for validating a fluorescence spectrophotometer.

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SRM-QS Sample Certificate of Calibration


  • Validation of fluorescence spectrophotometers in the range of 375-675nm
  • Contains a characteristic emission peak of 450nm by which to calibrate the instrument.

Product Specs:

  • Firefly Unique Lifetime Warranty
  • Comes in a solution of quinine sulfate in 0.105 mol/L of perchloric acid. Comes with an optional perchloric acid blank.
  • Highly accurate and consistent calibration every time.
  • Can be used in any fluorescence spectrophotometer (with standard 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm holder)
  • Full NIST traceability and compatibility.

Included with SRM-QS Fluorescence Standard:

All of our calibration standards are proudly made in North America.