Fluorescence Inline Flow Cell (Lightpath: 0.5-15mm)

Fluorescence process cell.jpg
Fluorescence process cell.jpg

Fluorescence Inline Flow Cell (Lightpath: 0.5-15mm)


High-pressure (2000psi) fiber optic flow cell with adjustable lightpaths and three optical interface ports. Can operate as either a fluorescence and/or an absorbance flow cell. 

Two OICs provide the standard 90º optics to measure fluorescence and a third OIC or absorbance probe can be used to measure absorbance. Has the ability to simultaneously measure fluorescence and absorbance.

Comes standard with UV Quartz couplers. Connects via SMA-905 connections.

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Standard Specifications:

  • Adjustable lightpath: 0.5 - 15mm

  • Body material: 316 Stainless Steel

  • Internal Optics: UV Quartz (190-2,500nm)

  • Seal material: Viton

How to Adjust Lightpath with Optical Interface Couplers