Absorbance Micro Cross Flow Cell (Lightpath: 0.02-2mm)

Micro Flow Cell.png
Micro Flow Cell.png

Absorbance Micro Cross Flow Cell (Lightpath: 0.02-2mm)


High-pressure (2000psi) 1/8” fiber optic flow cells with adjustable, low lightpaths. For use in high concentration samples (up to 50au) with minimal pressure drop.

Spectral properties can be measured when used in conjunction with Optical Interface Couplers. Comes standard with UV Quartz couplers. Connects to any photometric analyzer via SMA-905 connections.

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Standard Specifications:

  • Adjustable lightpath: 0.02 - 2mm

  • Body material: 316 Stainless Steel

  • Internal Optics: UV Quartz (190-2,500nm)

  • Seal Material: Viton

  • Pressure rating: 2,000psi

How to Adjust Lightpath with Optical Interface Couplers