Calibration Kit for Drop-Based Spectrophotometers

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Calibration Kit for Drop-Based Spectrophotometers


FireflySci's Drop Kit for calibrating drop-based machines such as the NanoDrop, BioDrop and DeNovix DS-11. All standards are non-toxic and contain green, environmentally-friendly chemicals

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The FireflySci Drop-Kit contains a mixture of reference standards that enables labs with drop-based spectrophotometers to validate their spectrophotometers for photometric accuracy, wavelength accuracy and stray light. All standards contain NIST-traceability

Included in Kit:

  • 3 photometric accuracy vials for validating machines at 250, 280, 340, 360, 400, 465, 500, 546.1, 590 and 635nm. 
    • Optical densities of photometric vials: 0.04au, 0.5au and 1au.
    • Traceable to NIST 2031
    • Note: Nominal photometric absorbance values are measured at 546.1nm.
  • 1 wavelength accuracy vial for validated wavelength accuracy in the UV, Red, Green and Blue regions of the spectrum.
    • Contains peaks at 269.6, 310.6, 316.9, 507.3, 525.4, 545.5 and 565.7 
    • Traceable to NIST 2034
  • 1 stray light vial for checking stray light in the UV range. Cut-off at 200nm.
    • Traceable to NIST 2032

Technical Specs:

  • Comes in 1oz Amber Boston round glass bottles
  • Each bottle contains 15mL of solution
  • Each drop is usually between 0.05-1 ml giving each bottle the possibility for up to 150 drop validation tests.
  • Requires annual recalibration.